Decision-Making Mastery

Whosoever you are today is the outcome of some conscious decisions you have taken in your past Similarly your future will entirely depend on the decisions you make today.

Let me repeat the entire thing again; I consciously made a point about the importance of decision making. Your present-day is the result of your yesterday’s decision and so your tomorrow will entirely depend on the decision which you will take today.

Your past, present, and future have one common stage, the stage of decision making. Let’s understand it like this; you are working with some company, you have your business, you are a housewife, you are a student of some stream or whatever is your status today; You are here because a few years ago you made a choice picked one option and left others. You did it based upon your wisdom of that moment. And you are here today, having this current status.

What if you would have chosen the other option not the one you are currently own but the other one, who would you be then? Simple, the outcome of what you would have chosen. Isn’t it?

So your entire life is nothing but the result of your Decisions.

And the most important thing to understand is that you cannot escape yourself from taking the decision. YOU WILL HAVE TO TAKE DECISION!

If you say I don’t make a decision, remember here you have decided not to decide; so in any case, you always take decisions. So, Decision making is the most important factor in one’s life and you cannot escape yourself from taking decisions.

Our life, our entire day is filled with decisions. We take all kinds of decisions from morning till evening. The decision about what to cook, what to eat, what to wear, to go meet someone or not, to call someone or not, to buy something today or not, etc.

We are nothing but the products of our own decisions and we are all surrounded with Decisions to be made.

According to a study by ‘Columbia Business School,’ one individual takes around 70 decisions in an entire day. The same study further tells that a CEO of a company makes 139 decisions in a week; further, this study elaborates that out of this 139 decisions 50% decisions are taken in 9 minutes only, 12% decisions take more than 1 hour, remaining decisions may vary at the various time frame.

I just have three key questions to ask;

1. How do you decide what you decide? What are the parameters for your decision making?

2. Is it possible that one can take ‘Quality Decision’ every time?

3. If the answer to question no. 2 is No, why do you think so or if your answer is Yes, would you like to learn the techniques?

For 38 years of my life, I struggled to decide, to make decisions that can produce my desired results. I used to get confused and indecisive about any significant issue of my life. Believe you me, I seriously struggled to hell. And I was curious to find a way by which I can learn to take quality decisions.

I read books, read articles on Google, watched hundreds and hundreds of videos on YouTube, discussed with any intellectual came across to my way.

I wouldn’t say all of them as waste, everything contributed to my learning but not the way I was looking for. Then somehow one day my research took me to NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). And the rest is history.

NLP exactly addressed my issue of being indecisive and added value to my personal and professional life. Now, I am helping individuals, students, entrepreneurs, and corporate people with my programs where I guide them with step by step and absolutely organized program to take Quality Decisions every time and take their life and career to next level.

I welcome all of you to my Decision Making Mastery Program.

“The quality of your life depends on the quality of the decisions you make, and it is certainly possible to learn to take quality decision every time!”

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