Goal Setting - NLP and Me

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

How NLP helped me in transforming my life

When I was in class 8th, I used to go to the nearby park to play with my friends. One day my

friend told me very proudly, that she wants to become a pilot once she grows up. Then she

asked me what do I want to become. My answer was simple. I said I want to become a truck

driver because I want to go wherever I want, whenever I want. Yes, I actually had no goal in

my mind and just said whatever came to my mind. Well, a part of it. I did want the freedom

to go wherever I want to, whenever I want to. The truck driver part was just a random


Anyways, I grew up to become an engineer and by the end of the final year, I realized it was

not something I want to do. So, my next option was doing business. I thought of several

business ideas – from setting up an e-waste management company to a legal consultancy

and ended up doing an MBA with a desire to learn entrepreneurship. Instead, I ended up

becoming a good employee.

It took me years of wandering, stress, and anxiety to finally decide I must stop. Stop and look within what is making me run so fast in this never-ending loop. NLP helped in putting an end to these miseries. It became my guiding tool to navigate to my outcomes, find my limiting beliefs, change my mindset and choose a mindset of abundance rather than scarcity, winner instead of victim, and walk on the path with a belief that it would lead me to my destination. I learned to ask for help when I can’t see the road ahead, I learned to face my fears and still do what I must do to reach where I want to, I learned to handle anxiety and pain, and talk to myself in a way that would uplift my spirits. It helped me rediscover myself and find my purpose in life.

By being coachable and working on my mindset I have started appreciating the miracles of

life. I have met people I would have never met and I have beautiful stories I could have

never created, had I not decided to take that one step, to reboot my life and start afresh. If

somebody would have asked the 8th standard Pratishtha, if she could ever see herself as a

coach, the answer would have been a big NO. But today, that is the one thing I can do 24*7,

with a smile on my face and peace in my heart.

Today, I am the writer of an Amazon Bestselling novel, a mental conditioning coach for

sports coaches and athletes and a mind and memory coach for students, and most

important, I am a more loving and happier person whose mission in life is to help people

explore their unlimited potential.

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Pratishtha Bhalla

NLP Expert Trainer

Author of the bestselling novel “Rub & Write – It’s Destiny”

Mind & Memory trainer &Holistic Success Coach.

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