How can you get rid of past painful memories?

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the science that is managing our nervous system with the language or command given to our minds. NLP educates us as to how changing the way we perceive the world can change our present life into a life we dream of. It teaches us the ways and techniques to adjust and adapt our behaviors in order to live a peaceful & happy life.

This understanding is fundamental to NLP, to make you understand that how and why you feel restricted, lack of self-confidence, fear of rejection, personal loss, public embarrassment, lack of skill or worth as roadblocks to reach the desired outcome. NLP will help you in pushing the boundaries of your mental map by ‘reprogramming your internal control systems’. NLP would give you the ability to formulate, express your feeling, and communicate your thoughts. It organizes your world and the meaning and associations of words not only to define but structure the world around. These are the two techniques I would be discussing in detail during my session “ Discovering Genius Within” @ NLP India Summit 2020(LINK)

Remove past painful memories: NLP helped to resolve, by erasing your past painful memories which disturbed you and create anxiety, anger, depression, or reason for so many psychosomatic diseases, with the help of these techniques we can easily remove your past painful memories and you can enjoy the life you want.

Circle of confidence 'As If': Very powerful technique of NLP through which you can build your confidence to the peak level and always you can carry this confidence level with you, by just following for steps of this technique, body posture, deep breathing, facial expression, and strong inner voice.

In NLP, beliefs are treated as what we call pre-suppositions – not as facts or truths. Essentially, you have a conscious choice about what you believe, and if you don’t like the outcomes you get from a belief, you have the flexibility to change it.

NLP can help in resolving your problems and help you gain confidence, remove phobia, fear, get rid of anxiety depression, and create a resourceful state. NLP works in all the areas of life -be it health, wealth, profession, relationship, and prosperity. It gives you techniques to achieve what you want.

NLP helped me to move out of my own depression(panic attack) which I suffered for more than three years, and now I am free from depression, with my own experience I have changed and transformed the lives of more than 1000+ people who were suffering from same or similar problems, now they are enjoying a happy and healthy life.

To help you get started, I am holding a session on Discovering Genius Within, exclusively @NLP India Summit 2020 which will help you become an effective communicator and understand others in a better way.

Reserve Your Seat NLP India Summit Now!

Reserve Your Seat NLP India Summit Now!

Asshwin Dubey

NLP Life Coach

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