How NLP Helps Make The Journey More Beautiful than the Destination!

How NLP Helps Make The Journey More Beautiful than the Destination!

It was July 2017, when I was traveling with my husband and in-laws via road from Kanpur to Delhi. Little did I know that the destination was about to change forever, and my way of perceiving life too.

We met with a road accident but we were fortunate enough to have survived with some injuries. I had a collar bone fractured which meant that I had to be at bed rest for almost 6 months to be completely recovered. This period gave me sufficient time to utilize it for self-introspection. During that time, it was very necessary to create an environment at home that was light-hearted and cheerful. Somebody had to do it and so I started playing something meditative or something funny on television so that everyone could get out of the sinking zone and develop a feel-good atmosphere at home.

At this point, although a lot of hardships were met by our family, I was nothing but grateful to the universe for giving us this second chance to live life more wisely and to the fullest. It was during that phase that I indulged myself in reading and I came across the concept of NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and how this technique is effective in upgrading ourselves in all aspects of our lives.

I started to deep dive to understand its meaning and purpose in our daily lives. During my recovery phase, I started to attend NLP workshops by master practitioners and how they helped people evolve from the challenges they faced in their daily lives. From a practical standpoint, that was the first time I got involved in the exercise which not only felt relaxing but also meditative in a very calming way.

Here are some of my learnings based on NLP:

  • Helped me achieve clarity in my personal and professional life.

  • Through the exercises that I did persistently, erasing or remaining unaffected by unpleasant memories became achievable. It is surprising but it is true.

  • Having clarity in life led to an increase in my self-confidence and I eventually became even more secure as an individual.

  • I became more empathetic towards people around me and even my client’s understanding of their perception and becoming more compassionate towards them.

  • I was 15 when I got my glasses on and there on frequent headaches became a normal thing for me. Popping pills and balm were my mandate companion even before going to bed. It’s been 3 years since my headache has drastically eradicated. I wouldn’t say that I no more get them but, I no longer feel there’s a need to be more stressed about headaches and a need to take more pills or be dependent on balms.

  • All of these helped me develop more patience, helped me get rid of procrastination and helped me become more productive as an individual.

Also, here I’m sharing a few tips that might be helpful to the ones who’re going through a rough time in lockdown:

  • Self-belief is above everything – We must unlearn the techniques of the world to understand what’s true and what’s not. Self-belief is nothing but taking mini-steps towards learning how to run. The odds are only what we understand of the world, it is created by our mind. We need to unlearn the odds and be consistent towards what we truly believe in.

  • We create our reality starting by thinking about it – What I mean here is, right now at this given point of time, we all have some visual going on in our mind, it may be about planning a short trip and picturing ourselves in that trip, enjoying our lives at its best, or some would be anxious about something unpleasant that recently happened or is about to happen. So, practically speaking, we cannot change what’s about to happen but we can change our attitude towards what’s about to happen or something that's already happened by not overthinking about it.

  • We all have our set of dark days and bright ones too. When we feel at our lowest, we must know it’s a phase that it will pass, and that healing comes when we take small steps each day for instance, one day opt to listen to your favorite song on loop, the next day, watch your favorite comedy show, journal your thoughts. At this time, it is natural to even find it difficult to get up from bed every morning and indulge in any physical activity. Hence, baby steps in doing what we love the most and being creative every day go a long way in healing.

  • Journaling works wonders – As a personal experience, when I was at my lowest, I had to declutter and understand what is it that’s truly bothering me and journaling the thoughts by being honest to myself gave the right answers. It helped me get clarity and helped me plan my near future. One day at a time, always!

  • Meditation – Developing awareness gives clarity and helps in a quick bounce back from feeling anxious or depressed. Meditation to everyone is different. For some, it would be music that helps them become aware and calm down, for others it could be a walk in greenery, etc. We need to find what works for us and follow it religiously each time we hit rock bottom. In long term, answers come to us more quickly with clarity.

It’s been 3 years since I’ve been assisting people to surmount their hardships from an emotional standpoint and still, I would say that my journey has only begun. I find happiness in helping people achieve what helped me see my potential as a human and achieve my purpose. Even in lockdown, when most of us are going through a roller coaster called life, I am doing my best in reaching out or being there for the ones who need it the most. At times, that also means an ocean to some. I’m looking forward to exploring more in the field of NLP, interacting with the community, meeting and introducing this concept to more people, because it's now more than ever that we need to be there for each other.

We live in a time where our destination keeps upgrading, and that is why we must remember to enjoy and make the journey more beautiful.

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Nidhi Singh Chauhan

NLP Master Practitioner and Author of the Book "Bhagavad Gita The Anam Cara of Subconscious Mind"

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