Mastering The State of Mind

“The number one key to success in life is to master your own state. If you can manage and master your states, there is nothing you can’t do.” -Tony Robbins-

I believe every one of us is after one thing – being in a great state of mind. Almost everything human beings want is some possible state.

Think about it, if you want to earn lots of money, why do you want that? You certainly do not want pieces of paper known as notes. You want money because that will give you some sort of desired – feeling of happiness, excitement, comfort, financial freedom, pride, etc.

If you want to produce outstanding results in your work or business, why do you want to do that? Because that will give you some sort of desired feelings – the feeling of being successful, appreciation, pride, etc.

On the other hand, there are some undesired feelings which we want to avoid – for example, sadness, fear, anger, frustration, loneliness, etc. We become stressed when we have undesired feelings and wish to avoid at any cost. So, ideally, it comes down to one thing, which we all want to have, and i.e. being in a resourceful state all the time.

And we can certainly take the charge of our mental state rather than letting the circumstances control it.

A mental state in any situation depends on the MEANING we choose. If the meaning is – this situation is not good, I am not liking this or this is hard– then it will create undesired feelings like disappointment, fear, frustration, etc. But, if we can choose favorable meaning in the same situation, then we can get desired feelings of learning, growth, and success. So, it’s essential to choose empowering meaning all the time.

MEANING depends on patterns of 3 things –

(i) Physiology (ii) Focus/Belief and (iii) Language

Let us understand each one of these:

(i) Physiology

The mind and body are connected. How you engage your body, will contribute to your mental state.

Harvard University Study shows - 2 minutes in a "power pose" (think Wonder Woman or Superman – standing tall, chest out, head up) can have a radical impact on your biochemistry. In the sampled group, the following were observed:

Testosterone increased 20%,

Cortisol (stress hormone) levels decreased by 25%

Risk tolerance increased by 33%.

For being in a resourceful state, follow the simple tips given below:

Stand tall (spinal column straight, chest slightly outward, chin parallel to the floor)


Breathe deeply

(ii) Focus/Belief

What you focus on you feel. Are you focusing on

> What you have? OR what you do not have?

> Something which you can control OR something which you cannot control?

Take charge of your focus, by following the simple tips given below:

Catch yourself thinking negative thoughts

Acknowledge them

Think of something positive instead

(iii) Language

The words you use to describe your experience becomes your experience. Your habitual language patterns create meaning in any situation.

>Are you asking yourself why this happens to me? OR what can I learn in this situation?

> Are you ANGRY or ANNOYED?


Choose your language by following the simple tips given below:

Recognize any negative things you are saying to yourself

Use uplifting language instead

The above tips are simple yet extremely powerful. If you can change even one pattern out of three, you will feel in control and hence empowered. And is not that we want.

Implement this knowledge and you will become a master of your life.

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