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Global healthcare is in chaos. People all around the world are worried about their health. Anxiety, fear, and panic are on an all-time high. Medicines seem to fail in long term care. Fortunately, NLP has shown promise of help. Let's check it out.

The recent COVID pandemic has shaken the healthcare. Even before the pandemic, routine healthcare seems to have no answer for all the chronic diseases.

All chronic diseases have been kept in an incurable disease list. People suffer from these diseases lifelong, consume medicine for their whole life, and still suffer from troublesome complications till last breath.

Among these disappointing results, there is a large outcry that medical healthcare is more becoming a business and industry. People are realizing that medicines will never ever cure completely.

This has increased the inclination towards alternative healthcare. The best part of alternative healthcare is that it exactly solves that area of the problem which current healthcare leaves unattended.

In 25yrs of my clinical experience, I have found that current healthcare focuses on control of readings/reports, relief from sufferings, and making life comfortable. While all these are important, it only takes care of current suffering, completely neglecting its root causes.

NLP exactly fits in at this place. Among all root causes, the Mind has the supreme place among the causes of various illnesses. Experts undisputedly agree that almost 90-95% of today’s diseases are linked to the mind. These are hence called Psychosomatic diseases.

Current healthcare neglects the mind and is busy in the treatment of physical aspects of disease by medicines, injections, surgeries, and organ transplants. Organ and joint transplants are the mainstays of treating critical health issues.

Those organs which are affected as a result are given attention. Hence various transplants came into place. The cause of most of the chronic illness and it's complications lie in Mind, then why nobody is ready to attend mind.


I have been using NLP with a highly evolved method of Psycho Neuro Cellular Engineering, where the mind is the focus of work.

NLP Mind Transplant is a new term coined during my extensive work on NLP & other genetically targeted therapies. I have been using lots of treatment modalities to work on my expertise in genetic, incurable, critical, and seemingly hopeless diseases. Among all these methods NLP stands very strongly when applied with the proper expertise.

I have seen four brain tumors disappearing, a breast lump vanishing in 40 min, pain and stiffness going away permanently even in impossible cases of autoimmune disease Ankylosing Spondylitis. It works wonderfully well in cases of Cancer, Chronic Pancreatitis, Kidney failures, Liver Failures, and all current critical health problems. The effect of Mind Transplant techniques are almost instant as well as long term. I have been using it for my profession, at home, for kids, for relationships, for achieving my goals, helping my team, helping the growth of organizations, solving personal problems, unleashing the best version of me, being more creative, and achieving my goals.

I am deeply satisfied with the almost magical results I am getting in the area of healthcare and others. I have also used these evolved techniques in success coaching and life coaching. I highly recommend learning this super-refined NLP to all those who want to make a huge impact and a great career in the field of coaching, training, teaching, healthcare, parenting, relationship problems, success, and life coaching. So practically, NLP with Mind Transplant techniques will help you in achieving almost all kind of professional as well as personal goals in life.

I urge all of you to learn these techniques to get unique and instant solutions to almost all areas of life, especially health-related. Healthcare has a big vacuum and needs more expert health coaches all around the world. Our company Advanced Health is also looking for trained professional NLP practitioners globally. We are into the training and development of NLP practitioners all over the world. We will surely love to contribute in some to your glorious career and developing this wonderful skill.

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Dr. Ravi Vairagade,

Author- Medicine Can Kill, Are You Safe,

NLP Master Practitioner

World's Only Genetic Holistic Health Expert,

Consulting Homoeopath.

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