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You may be rich; you may be having a wonderful career or you may be highly successful in your domain. But your actual happiness, dear parents, lies in your children. When you see them growing well; when they are enjoying wonderful confidence in their studies; when they are mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy; when they are heading for their bright future.

You may have seen many people around you who thought they have made wonderful money, career or friends, but if their kids are not happy; if their kids are depressed, frustrated, or trapped in bad habits, then parents rarely enjoy their success.

Today I have got this opportunity to communicate with you on this the burning issue of our life; and that is our children. Today our children are highly stressed; stressed because of the

burden of the syllabus, the burden of the expectations of their parents; they are burdened with peer pressure. They are expected to perform every time as per the expectations of their teachers, schools, and parents as well.

Before I proceed, I would like to ask a few questions.

- Do your children forget what was learned thoroughly?

- Do they have a good interest in one subject and poor interest or no interest in another subject?

- Do they have exam fear?

- Are they more interested in gadgets and social media than their studies?

- Do they have past references of a failure?

Dear parents, I ask you a question now. If a student has so many issues how can he remain in a positive state of mind?

Though we are giving our students a lot to study, yet we don’t teach them to retain what they have studied. We never teach them as to how they can get rid of the mind patterns of lost interest, anger, bad habit or exam fear yet we expect them to perform well every time. And this is what makes them stressed and depressed and they adopt the route of bad habits like watching tv, mobile addiction, and other bad habits.

Today we need to find ways for our students so that they can learn more, enjoy their lives more, and grow well in this life.

If any of the above-mentioned challenges resonate with you, then you are the right place. For many years I am mentoring professional athletes and students for their peak performance; for overcoming their fear, anxiousness, any past failures; helping them to regain their confidence with a mind tool i.e NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).

NLP is the world’s best scientific tool that works on the subconscious mind; the role of which is 95% in our lives. The day we were born and till the time we are alive, everything is recorded in our subconscious mind, and accordingly, the negative patterns hamper our progress because we do not know how to get rid of them. NLP helps to reprogram the mind by creating neural plastic change which gives permanent results.

With my training programs and one on one coaching, I can proudly say that I have got a 100% success rate.

I connect so well with this mind tool as I was able to transform my life first; after seeing the results then decided to help the world. I was diagnosed with several lifelong diseases of which the doctors had no solution except medicines and then luckily in 2013 I was introduced to this magical a tool which not only helped me to overcome the health issues (without medicines) rather it gave me clarity that there were past unresolved issues of which I was not even aware of consciously. That was the time I got to know about the power of the subconscious mind and decided to contribute to society.

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Reeitu Baliyan

Mind Trainer and Peak Performance Coach

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