The Dots Always Connect. Living a life Nlp way !

The Dots Always Connect

I am going to take you through the journey of how NLP helped me to become an Internationally Certified Trainer & allowing me to live the life I want.

Well, it's a long story that goes back to 2008. I was 27 then, working as a Lecturer in an MBA Institute.

I attended one workshop in which I got introduced to the concept of the subconscious mind, which was alien to me. Something inside me got ignited. It was like I have got an ‘Aladdin’s Lamp’. I got super excited & started reading books after books on mind programming. I remember doing various courses on weekends & as I implemented those techniques, I saw my life-changing. Some changes were so fast & promising that I got an inner voice saying that I should expand my knowledge in this field.

I tried various technologies to understand how I can make life better for myself & others. I did reiki, hypnosis, meditation, yoga, EFT, etc. but found all my answers when I entered the field of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).]

To learn NLP from various masters, I traveled to several countries on different continents & the journey continues. I feel grateful & honored to learn NLP from the co-creator of NLP ‘Dr. Richard Bandler’ & also happy to share that I am a Certified Practitioner of New Code NLP from ‘Dr. John Grinder’ & a Certified Trainer from ‘Dr. Tad James’ Co. American Board of NLP.

To do all this I invested the majority of my money & time to make my inner image come true.

While working as a Professor in a B school I was conducting training during weekend & coaching sessions during the evening time. Every success of my client was fuel for me to move ahead. Finally, in 2019 I decided to quit my job to start my Training & Coaching firm.

During the journey, I could solve problems of many people including doctors, engineers, HR professionals, marketing professionals, army men, psychologists, sports coaches, lawyers, students, entrepreneurs & many more. The internal image only gave me the courage to stand in front of top executives while working with Corporate clients; the clients whose experience was of my age.

Looking back at the journey of the old Yogesh, who was having a lot of issues of self-worth, the old me who was afraid to talk in front of people & who got rewarded for not speaking in the class now has got transformed into a World-class International Trainer. The journey was just amazing & I could see a more beautiful journey coming ahead

The reason I wanted to tell this story is this: - When your "Why" and "What" is clear, your "How" and "When" will take care of themselves.

The dots always connect even if it does not seem so right now. I am a living example.

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Dr.Yogesh Daudkhane

NLP Trainer - ABNLP

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