The Genie - We carry with us !

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Do you feel that lack of conscious effort is the reason for your failures or challenges? Do you feel you try too hard but you do not receive the outcome you expect or deserve? Then I have a perfect solution for you!

Have you ever thought that how can you drive on the same route to the office every day even if someday you are in conversation with someone while driving? It is because the route gets registered in your subconscious and now it’s the subconscious that is driving you to the destination. Similarly, if you observe your daily routine of habits, some of them you can do it parallelly and easily, like drinking tea while watching the news. There is a pattern and you do the things in a similar fashion, a similar manner as if they are automated. Automated simply means that it has gone to your subconscious and now you need not make any more conscious effort to do it or execute it.

This magic of subconscious programming is called Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Neuro means the smallest executors of our body, "the neurons", Linguistic means "the language". In simple ways, you can call it the language of neurons. So if you need to form a habit, get something done, achieve a goal, these tiny mini super cells are the source of it.

Imagine, “The Genie” we carry with us and that is available for us 24* 7. The subconscious truly behaves like a Genie and using the right set of words and wishes you can get this Genie produces wonders for you. !

Few tips to tame this Genie.. your subconscious mind.

1. Be clear on what you want – Most of us are clear on what we do not want. And here you go .. the genie gets you the same as you are thinking about what you do not want.

2. Language matters – The way you communicate to your genie really matters as based on your command it will produce results for you. For example, if you keep on saying I will become rich. Every moment in the present moment you will always anticipate to be rich. So you will never be living that dream as you are asking your genie to make it a future not present i.e. happening now.

When I first came to know about NLP, I was surprised and amazed. I tried the techniques on myself and got fabulous results. I used these super-effective NLP techniques to overcome my challenges and now when I teach others about these, they have got amazing results too for themselves.

So next time, in case you are making so much conscious effort to build a habit or achieve success, you can use NLP techniques to win with ease and grace.

Would you like to learn these simple yet very powerful techniques to turn your life around?

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Shraddha Subramanian

Life Coach, Intuition Expert,

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Click to Reserve Your Seat NLP India Summit

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